Polyfemos. Festschrift in Honour of Christian Høgel

Ed. Jonas Christensen, Lærke Andersen and Rasmus Vangshardt.

With this collection of essays, we wish to pay our small homage to Christian Høgel’s academic ability and human qualities on the event of his sixtieth birthday, 5 February 2024. We present five papers detailing our current work, Christian Høgel’s influence on our scholarly pursuits—and a couple of anecdotes.

Christian Høgel (born 1964) is a man of many trades: A master of several modern and ancient languages; author of the acclaimed Symeon Metaphrastes: Rewriting and Canonization (2002); co-founder of the Centre for Medieval Literature, University of Southern Denmark; professor of Greek and Latin at Lund University, Sweden.



Lærke Andersen:
Hvem kvæler hvem?

Jonas J. H. Christensen:
Hvad er op og ned i ikonoklasmen? Prolegomena til et forsøg
på formidling

Chiara D’Agostini:
Constructing Maps: On Three Geographical Illustrations
in a 13th-Century Byzantine Manuscript

Christian Etheridge:
A Medieval Manuscript from Constantinople in the Collection
of the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm

Rasmus Vangshardt:
Fromme udskejelser? Thomas Manns muntre middelalderismer